How to Attract High-Paying Clients


If you sell high-ticket offers but struggle with attracting high-paying ideal clients to those offers…

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If you sell high-ticket offers but struggle with attracting high-paying ideal clients to those offers…

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First things first – I’m Joella Skoogh. From now on, I’ll be leading Next Era Coach forward,  which also means I’ll be the writer of future newsletters.

As a business mentor, I help coaches build their personal brands & authority on social media so they can attract higher-paying clients.

I’ve sold high-ticket offers for years, and all my clients have come to me through my personal brand.

However, a lot of coaches tell me:

“I attract leads from my marketing and content, but a lot of them aren’t ready to invest on a higher level.”

If you can relate, it could have something to do with the positioning of your personal brand.

When you position yourself as a high-level coach, you’ll attract more high-paying clients.

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Joella Skoogh is a business mentor for coaches, helping them build their personal brands & authority on social media so they can attract higher-paying clients.

Joella built her own personal brand from zero to becoming the go-to person in her industry in Sweden.


Now she serves clients all over the world through Masterclasses, programs and 1:1 mentoring.


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Today’s Deep Dive Author

Positioning is not the same thing as niche.

Positioning is where your ideal client places you in their mind, within that niche.

This is based on how they feel about you, and that feeling is created through your content.

If you’re attracting lower-paying clients, or the wrong clients, chances are something needs to shift within your positioning.

There are 3 keys to high-ticket positioning:

1) Your Energy & Self-Perception

High-ticket positioning isn’t all about strategy. Your energy and how you perceive yourself matters too.

“You attract what you are” and if you want to attract high-ticket clients that pay you, but are also enjoyable to work with…

You need to step into the energy of a high-level coach.

People can feel the energy behind your content and in your sales conversations.

This has nothing to do with how successful you are, how big your network is or how strong your personal brand is… but how you FEEL.

The best way to step into the energy of a high-level coach is to step into your own power. Don’t compare yourself to other coaches and don’t focus on everything you’re not.

Focus on your strengths, and the reasons why your clients are drawn to you in the first place. Be unapologetically you.

That’s how you become magnetic for high-level clients.

2) Relevancy & Specificity 

A high-ticket client is looking for someone who is HIGHLY relevant to their needs. They’re not just looking for a “life coach” or “a business coach”. Therefore, be super specific on who you are for and how you can help.

Amplify your niche expertise more than your general expertise.

Speak to your ideal client’s specific symptoms in your content. Show them that you know exactly what they’re thinking and feeling, using the actual words your ideal client would use.

High-ticket clients are more likely to invest in a coach who feels like they serve a specific type of client instead of someone who serves anyone.

For example, if the ideal client of a health coach is a busy entrepreneur who wants to lose weight. What kind of messaging are they most likely to be drawn to?

A) “You’ve felt off for a while now, and you’ve gained a few pounds. Now you feel like it’s time to care about your health.”

B) “You’re an entrepreneur, often stuck all day long in front of the computer. You order takeout several times per week just to save time, and rarely find the time to go to the gym. Now you’re experiencing the consequences of that: You’ve gained weight, and started feeling sluggish in the afternoons. You want to work out and eat healthier, because you know your physical health is key to your business growth. You just want to find a way to eat healthy and work out that fits into your busy schedule.”

Option A is very general messaging, and a lot of health coaches have that messaging. Option B is way more specific, and it’s going to attract the exact type of client who can relate to this. Meanwhile, it will turn off the wrong people. And that’s the point.

3) Authority

High-ticket clients want to work with someone they perceive as an authority and an expert. As mentioned above, part of this is how you feel and perceive yourself. You need to FEEL like an authority in order to be perceived as one.

Another part is being more strategic with your positioning.

These are some specific things you can implement in your content to position yourself as an authority:

  • Share your process, framework, method or philosophy: High-ticket clients tend to be smart and evolved, and they expect the same of their coach. When you have a framework or a philosophy, it shows you put a lot of work into perfecting your way of working with clients. This helps position you as an authority.

  • Have a unique perspective or opinion: High-ticket clients are drawn to people that have a unique perspective and are unafraid to go against the grain and say what they really think and feel. This will also help with your positioning, since your unique perspectives and opinions will differentiate yourself from other coaches in your niche.

  • Share your story: There are many ways to share your story, but make sure you create a narrative that positions you as an expert and an authority in the eyes of your ideal client.

  • Speak highly of yourself and your offers: Some people hate bragging, but the truth is – you need to speak highly of yourself and your work as a coach. Highlight the type of clients you work with, the results you help them create and why your offers are life-changing. This, combined with your genuine excitement over your own offers, will attract high-ticket clients to you.

When you start nailing these three keys to high-ticket positioning…is when you start attracting higher-paying clients to you.



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