Billionaire Advice For Coaches From Richard Branson


One of the greatest opportunities for growth is to learn from the world’s best in any given field. 

Together with

One of the greatest opportunities for growth is to learn from the world’s best in any given field. 

When it comes to entrepreneurs who have built not just their businesses but their life — there are few better to take lessons from than Richard Branson. 

We got some unique observations and insights from Richard through a visit with him on Necker Island.

Today’s deep dive will share a collection of key things learned Richard Branson to help take you to your next level of success.

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Today’s Deep Dive Author

Part 1:
Empower Others. Focus In Your Zone of Genius.

Delegation is a requirement if you want to be successful. 

And delegation is required at nearly every level of the company. It’s one thing to see that nearly 100,000 people are employed by Virgin brand businesses…

…it is another to see up close the way Necker Island runs and the level of support Richard has so that he can stay connected to the businesses but fully on his own terms. 

Look no further than his executive assistant. Basically no one has the ability to get directly to Richard. They have to go through his assistant. Most of the time, she has the answer. 

When she doesn’t, she triages all the requests and brings options for action to Richard to knock each thing out in the daily meeting between him and his assistant. 

By only having one main point of contact and a streamlined, standard process where everyone else’s needs get taken care of — the rest of each day is Richard’s to focus on his key goals & enjoying his life.


Part 2:
Opportunity Is Everywhere

For people who have made their own wealth, they were able to succeed in part because they see things through the lenses of opportunity & investment.

Through boldness and persistence, Richard was able to buy Necker Island for $180,000 even though it was listed for sale at $6,000,000.

Through improvements and the cache of his personal brand, Necker is now rented out regularly for $85,000 per night.

He says it’s been one of his best investments of his life.

It was an opportunity beyond just business or financial return. It became a haven for family, friends, and associates to come and have some Branson brand of fun.

Look through the lens of opportunity and investment and evaluate what comes to you through what value it could provide in multiple areas of your life.

The more boxes you can check from a single opportunity, the more rewarding and fulfilling and valuable you will find it to end up being.


Part 3:
Invest In Your Ability To Lead Your Brand & Your Team

Richard invests a LOT in brand and awareness of brand.

He also understands his place as the leader of the brand & the companies underneath the Virgin brand.

He’s used his brand and his persona to drive hundreds of billions in revenue and have saved so many lives from harm or even death.

Necker itself has an amazing brand that has become a mecca of sorts for entrepreneurs.

Even though the Virgin brand is established and strong, Richard still is the heart of it all — living and embodying much of the traits the brand stands for.

In addition to defining a brand that customers and employees alike can identify with —  Richard has also invested a lot of time and money into his ability to lead people.

It is easy to see that genuinely love and care is a key ingredient to his success with leading his team and the people on it.

Because of the love and care he shows, the team in return goes the extra mile, every single day for him and his vision.


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