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Coca-Cola shared some data recently that said that over 1.9 billion servings of Coke products are consumed every day across 200+ countries. 

Together with

Coca-Cola shared some data recently that said that over 1.9 billion servings of Coke products are consumed every day across 200+ countries. 

They also spend about $4 billion each year on advertising to keep their brand and products top of mind for a global market of consumers.

While it would be impossible for businesses like yours or ours to compete on a global, mass market level like this….

….it is possible to become a big fish in a smaller pond.

Even if your current audience is small, you have tools available to you to make your brand regularly top of mind for the key people in your target market.

Today’s deep dive will share how to turn your brand into the Coca-Cola of your niche.

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Part 1:
The Digital Marketing Landscape

Each year, the biggest companies in the world keep plowing a higher and higher percentage of their advertising budget into digital channels. 

This means billions more dollars going in to compete for the limited amount of time, energy, and impressions available. 

You may have noticed but it costs a whole bunch more to buy clicks and eyeballs in 2024 than it did in 2017

Add inflation into the equation and you can quickly see how it will only become more expensive over time to buy the attention of people in your market.

The lowest hanging fruit is to use advertising to deepen the connection and the value shared between your business and the people who have already been exposed to your brand in some way.

It is much easier to turn a person who is familiar with your brand into a customer than a complete stranger.

The companies who invest their resources to show up at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message at a high level of frequency will win over the market.


Part 2:
The Right Message To The Right People

One of the most wasteful things that businesses do is spend so much time, energy, and money to create content for emails and social media and their website….

….only for that content to get promoted once before disappearing into the abyss of the web. 

Crafting quality messages doesn’t do that much good if it doesn’t get distributed to the right people & at the right time.

This is where your opportunity resides. 

Most businesses that use retargeting ads use them to follow up with sales messages over and over. 

If you’ve ever been followed around by a company’s ads where they served the same sales CTA over and over and over….

….you know what it is like to grow to dislike the company more and more over time.

Obviously the opposite of the intended effect.

Most businesses don’t see the opportunity in sharing a mix of valuable content, a mix of offers, and a mix of stories of transformation with retargeting ads….

…it doesn’t compute for them to spend money when there isn’t a way to earn & measure a ROI, which is why they only spend money on Lead Gen and Sales Gen ads.

We hate it when other businesses spam us with the same ad and same offer over and over and over.…and yet for some reason we force our audience through the same experience.

Bring a bit more humanity, connection, and relevance to the strategy behind your messaging and suddenly people start responding differently.


Part 3:
Attraction Through Consistency

You may have heard about the “Mere Exposure Effect”, also known as the familiarity principle. 

It states that humans have a tendency to develop a preference for something merely due to being familiar with it.

Everyone makes their buying decisions on their own timelines for when something becomes a priority. 

For example — not every driver needs to replace their tires right now, but within the next ~5 years nearly every car currently on the road today will have a new set of tires.

When the time comes to buy new tires for each individual driver, they are likely to buy from the company that is most top of mind at the time of purchase & who the individual holds a positive opinion of.

When you demonstrate that you care about the people in your market through consistently sharing of a valuable and dynamic experience to people even before they buy….

….you lead people to believe that you will continue to deliver high levels of care and value to them after they buy.

You cannot predict when any given person will be ready to make a purchase.

You can control whether you are top of mind and present for the people in your market at all times so that when it is time for someone to buy, you are well positioned to earn their business.

You can start out with a small budget of a handful of dollars per day & rotate through new messages as you create content, offers, and events. 

You will be surprised by what ends up making an impression on people and how non-traditional approaches stand out from what everyone else does.

If you deliver value that is frequent and relevant through an email list, a social media account, a podcast, through articles, or whatever else….

….don’t leave it to chance that the right people will see it in the fleeting moments it is organically promoted. 

Get the most value out of the investment to create the content and take control of ensuring it gets seen by the people you most want to consume it.


This kind of marketing becomes much harder to reverse engineer. 

Anyone can “funnel hack” a competitor but it is much more difficult to reproduce a living, breathing connection that a company actively nurtures with the intent to continue to draw the market closer to them over time.


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