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You may have noticed that when you grow and improve, it has a positive impact on everything in your life. 

Together with

You may have noticed that when you grow and improve, it has a positive impact on everything in your life. 

Something that more and more people are waking up to is the amount of personal power they can reclaim when they learn to understand & work with their nervous system.

If you have any urgent or high pressure situations that come with growing, marketing, and selling in your coaching business….

….mastering your nervous system will allow you to thrive and perform at high levels even when circumstances are difficult. 

The more regulated you and the people around you are, the more you will be able to get done (and the less energy you will waste while doing it). 

Today’s deep dive will help you understand how your nervous system works and how to work with it to get the results you want in life & in business.

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Today’s Deep Dive Author

Part 1:
Understanding Your Nervous System

The first and most important thing to understand is that the nervous system’s primary job is to keep you safe. 

That is the number one function of the nervous system. 

Think of your nervous system like one giant communication system that allows for constant connection across all the different parts of your body. 

Each part is able to share perceived sensations and threats so your body can take actions that ensure you stay safe.

When your nervous system is confident that you are safe, your body naturally maintains an internal balance (called homeostasis). 

Being in this state allows you to experience an open, mindful state where you are present and consciously engage with what you are doing in each moment.

Your job likely requires you to be and do many different things on a day to day basis. It can be a lot to process and handle.  

The more you force yourself to do outside of homeostasis, the more you will drain yourself. Beyond that, it makes you liable to do worse work and make tangible mistakes.

You will always do your best work when your internal system feels safe.

We’ll share more after the break how to operate from that state as often as possible….


Part 2:
Your Internal Stoplight

Your experience, perceptions, and feelings about the world are highly dependent on that state of your nervous system. 

When we are in Green (Safety) state, we will usually have “Green” thoughts, perceptions, and feelings of the environment and our surroundings. 

This often looks like a present, open, mindful state. Some describe it as a flow state or a feeling of harmony. You may feel emotions such as joy, love, happiness & will feel connected socially to the people in your life. 

When we are in Yellow (Danger / Fight or Flight), we will usually have “Yellow” thoughts, perceptions, and feelings of the environment and our surroundings. 

You will enter this state when your system perceives a threat or challenge. In this state you will experience feelings like anxiety, anger, worry, and fear and generally feel compelled to fight or flee the perceived threat or challenge.

When we are in Red (Freeze/Shut Down), we have “Red” thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

This is the “last resort” of your nervous system to handle a threat or challenge. In this state means you will feel frozen, shutdown, or immobilized in response to something (internal or external).

In this “Red” state you will experience things like sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, and depression.

Each of these Green, Yellow, and Red states “activate” within a certain area of the body and correspond with specific emotional experiences.

So you can generally identify what state you are in simply from checking in where you feel the energy in your body.

The area in which your nervous system is activated will pull resources away from other parts of your body. 

See the chart below and you’ll realize why you find it so hard to think & speak effectively when you are in the “Red” Fight, Flight, or Freeze state.

Part 3:
The Anxiety Loop

How you understand a problem is going to determine how you attempt to solve the problem, which will in turn, determine the results you will get. 

Most of us view psychological stress or anxiety as a problem that needs to be solved instead of viewing them as part of the normal human experience.

Because we misunderstand the problem, we get stuck in “anxious loops” trying to solve something in ineffective ways that just snowballs and exacerbates the thing we’re trying to solve.

When we get stuck in this way, we get perpetually stuck in “Yellow” states. If we stay there long enough, we grow despondent and depressed and fall into a semi-permanent “Red” state.

Here is what The Anxiety Loop looks like:

The psychological stress loop is made up of four key components:

  1. Intrusive or What if thoughts

  2. Uncomfortable Feelings

  3. Safety Behaviors

  4. Temporary Relief

The solution is not to try to stop thoughts or feelings that you “don’t like”.

Instead — healing comes when we sit with anxiety & don’t engage in our core safety behaviors.

When we do this, our brain & body realize that the triggering situation is not actually dangerous. As a result, our level of discomfort from thoughts and feelings will eventually dissolve through a phenomenon called habituation.

If we engage in safety behaviors it will reduce the anxiety at a quicker rate, but will also reinforce the original feared thought or idea and strengthen the loop.

When we forgo the safety behavior, the anxiety will last longer in that moment, but we will ultimately break the Loop and rewire the brain to operate in a healthier way through something called neuroplasticity.

Want to learn:

  • How to identify your ‘Safety Behaviors’

  • How to notice when your body is shifting between key states

  • Use the Triple-A Response™ go bring yourself into a calm, centered state

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